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Tireless, ready to joke and with a unique generosity:

beyond the rhetoric Emiliano Di Nardo

was this and much more.

Passion for the "Giallorossi" combined with a great desire to do things, ideas and imagination were his main prerogatives, which is why he is missed by the Roma fans and the many sports journalists.


The news that no one would have wanted to give for a figure who was undoubtedly out of the ordinary because of authenticity and ambition do not always go hand in hand, these are characteristics that only go hand in hand in people who are out of the ordinary.

Emiliano was one of these.


angel papi.png

“You were the beginning of everything, the spark that made the flame of passion burn, both sporting and working at the same time. But above all a point of reference, a rock of support at various times. Forgetting you will be impossible and even future joys, especially if linked to "our Rome", will no longer be the same. Because celebrating is beautiful, but if you don't have anyone to do it with, it's only half worth it."


keivan karimi.png

"I approached the world of journalism and information with timidity, on tiptoe, knowing I could meet sharks, people ready for anything and ruthless competition. I then met Emi, a gentle giant, friend of all, one of those figures out of time, capable of helping anyone without ever saying no. He also did it with me, giving me a hand, giving me smiles and the chance to work with him. I wasn't able to spend too much time with him, but those moments will remain in my heart as an enviable part of growth and humanity. It's impossible to say how much the world will miss Emiliano, an enviable journalist, a true Roma fan, a great soul"


massimo de caridi.png

"If you ask me who Emiliano was, for me he was a person who gave without asking, a boy always ready to help, full of life and never tamed, someone who loved being a group... it's thanks to him that I began my adventure on the radio and it's thanks to him that I spent a wonderful year of away games with Roma in my heart... thanks Emi, so far!"


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